With the summer still in the back of our minds, it is hard to imagine you need to prepare in time for unpredictable winter situations, isn’t it?

With the summer still in the back of our minds, it is hard to imagine you need to prepare in time for unpredictable winter situations, isn’t it?

During long and warm summer days  and the colorful Fall we almost deliberately want to forget how unpredictable winter weather can be and what we were supposed to do to be prepared.  Even though we all know we need to have something in place to protect pipes, ramps, driveways, rooftops and gutters against the hazards of snow, freezing over and or building up dangerous icicles.

We have come a long way, but even with the most advanced long-term weather forecast systems and our daily apps, we will never be sure how the winter weather will turn out for us to act exactly when it is needed,  therefore timely preparation is the only sure thing left to do.   

Every year we see what happens when we postpone these decision s and simply are too late to act. Winter causes huge  damages, which may cost home and business owners a lot of agony and money which could have been avoided.

For roofs we know that the safety of it depends first and foremost on its construction and bearing capacity but ice and snow melting system from DEVI prevents large amounts of snow from testing this. DEVI electric heating cables on the roof ensure that snow is melted right away and that the resulting water is channeled into roof gutters and downpipes.

You can use the DEVI heating system not only during the building process but you can easily  adapt it to your roof and gutters before the winter comes in  The solutions we offer from DEVI are simple, safe and cost effective.

Prevent icicles
Homeowners are obligated to remove snow and icicles from a roof at the owner's expense. The outdoor system of electric heating cables is used in gutters to prevent the formation of these risky icicles avoiding any hazard for pedestrians, cyclists and cars below.  Obviously by installing these heating cables in the roof gutters, property owners can avoid a great deal of worry and potential damage and costs.

Reliable and cost effective solutions
The intelligent heating system from DEVI is a fast, simple and inexpensive solution. The heating cables are easily installed directly atop the existing roof or in the roof gutters. The cables can even be limited to particularly exposed roof areas, where the chance of snow build-up is greatest.

Building extensions higher than the original construction is an example of such areas. Heating cables are a particularly attractive solution in situations where the roof cannot be reinforced, as these cables will prevent the roof being overloaded.

Obviously , heating cables are a much cheaper and more architecturally appealing solution than reinforcing the building's existing roof.

Electricity savings through intelligent control
The expenses related to the operation of the heating system are limited to an absolute minimum. Beyond the electric heating cables, the system consists an intelligent thermostat e.g. the DEVIreg 850. The thermostat reacts without delay and automatically engages the ice and snow melting system when it begins to snow, and shuts down again once the snow has melted.

DEVI electrical heating system provides energy savings of 60-80% when compared to purely temperature-controlled systems, which turn on once the temperature reaches the freezing point. As a result, roof safety needs not to be compromised by high electricity bills.

Find more about DEVI reliable outdoor solution  and enjoy a white, frosty winter with us!