Floor heating – everyday luxury and smart savings

Floor heating – everyday luxury and smart savings

The demand for stylish and simple technical products to our homes is increasing. We do enjoy a comfortable life and distinctive design but at the same time we are cost- and environmentally conscious.

Heating, being part of this, has therefore become more than a simple means to warm up our homes, it should also be an economical and environmental friendly solution that blends well in our interiors.

This is where underfloor heating comes in as warm floors is something that is highly appreciated by most people. They give a feeling of luxury and pleasure enjoyed by many when kicking of their shoes coming home after a long day at work or a busy school day. So floor heating  is not only about comfort, it also about interior design, meaning you don’t need unattractive and space consuming heating elements in your home leaving all kinds of possibilities when it comes to furnishing and interior design. 

Technology of savings  
Still, many people choose radiators believing that floor heating is expensive and increases the energy costs. Today that is no longer true.

Electrical floor heating is definitely an everyday luxury, but no longer an expensive one, says Marius Beek from DEVI who is a marketing manager at DEVI, longstanding manufacturer of electrical heating solutions. Today it is actually possible to combine great design and simple technology with energy savings. Our thermostat DEVIreg™ Touch is the perfect example of that. The new technology has intelligent functions which are very easy to work with and makes it possible to e.g. have warm floors part of the days when you need it e.g. in the mornings and evenings, but the rest of the day the thermostat goes into an energy saving mode. The thermostat itself will stop in time before it reaches the maximum level desired and also discovers if there are open windows and will immediately react by temporarily closing down the heating. In short; smart and cost-saving technology!

Today’s electrical floor heating has several intelligent functions, such as the day and week program making it possible to regulate the times when you want the thermostat to be on, but also on/off, away and freeze protection functions that contribute to the energy saving.  According to Marius Beek, modern electrical floor heating can lower the average temperature with 2 degrees without affecting the feeling of comfort. That in turn, means that you can reduce the energy consumption with between 10-20 percent.

 “If you use the smart functions, electrical floor is positive both for your wallet and the environment, says Marius Beek .

Smart and elegant
During many years the thermostat has been tested thoroughly and the development of the design and functionalities is based on the feedback received from clients and installers.

We know that people want nice looking and user friendly interfaces, like the DEVI™reg Touch. -  says  Marius Beek -  With its easy touchscreen it doesn’t scare you to work with even if you haven’t touched it for a while. By simply touching the screen, you can change things and get immediate confirmation that the changes are in place. For example, the floors will be comfortably warm when you are home but move into the energy saving mode when no-one is there. Or you can put the thermostat on Away when you are on vacation. That way you will keep the energy costs at a low level.

The thermostats make it possible to regulate the energy consumption, but do you also need to change the existing electrical floor heating even if it works well, in order to save energy?

Our thermostats can be used with almost all types of floor heating and can be connected to already installed heating. says Marius Beek from DEVI In other words, you don’t need to make a new installation of floor heating to get the most efficient power consumption, you only need to replace the thermostat itself.

DEVIreg™ Touch comes in three colors, pure black, pure white and polar white. The thermostat also comes with a five year warranty and if authorized electrical installers have installed DEVI’s heating cables, DEVI is the only one in the market offering a 20 years warranty including everything; the products as well as the repair work on these cables if anything, contrary to the expectation and experience, would happen.

Find more information about DEVIreg™ Touch here: http://devi.danfoss.com/Professional/Products/DEVIreg-Touch/Index-professionals.htm




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